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Double wheel ebike tackles any terrain – woods, mud, snow & sand. Shop here⤵️ · Summer is just around the corner, and so is your next Rungu Dualie summer ride.

Rungu Dualie Steep  Pric is  $3000

Rungu Dualie XR cost $7000

Rubicon Trail Edition  price range from$6000-$8000

Rungu Dualie XR Steep price is  $5000- $7000

Rungu Dualie Rugged  will cost between $6500- $6999

Rungu Dualie standard  price online is $3500- $5500

Make sure you confirm your order with an invoice  before Making payment

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  • Rungu Dualie® Steep’s patented Double Wheel design outperforms any single-front-wheel e-bike off-road where it matters – in slimy mud, through soft snow, on deep sand and over scree and rocky terrain.
  • Dualie descends better, too! Dualie’s Double Front Wheels control descents better using dual front-wheel disc brakes for twice the stopping power of conventional e-bikes.
  • Dualie’s 75/25 weight distribution and “Total Control” wheelbase keeps more traction on the front wheels.  Therefore, more front-end grip allows turns on soft and slick terrain and avoids washouts and wipeouts common with conventional e-bikes.

Rungu Dualie’s unique “Straight Up” climb-ability lets you stay seated climbing grades of more than 50%!

  • Our industry-leading, 52V mid-drive motor coupled with a first-gear ratio of 1:1.4 achieves up to 203 ft-lbs. of torque at the rear wheel!  Real muscle to tackle real off-road challenges.
  • The Dualie corrosion resistant aircraft aluminum frame supports up to 325 lbs. of load for all-weather and all-season performance.  In addition, the optional Cargo Rack can tow up to 300 lbs. using the optional 2” ball hitch.

Detail Features and Specifications

Click on the button below to download the Dualie Steep Feature and Specification document.

Rungu Dualie Details

Factory Configurable Options:

  • Color: Forest Green | Midnight Black  | Winter Slate | Custom powder coat and camo wraps are available –
  • E-bike class
    • Off-Road only – Full Power (Recommended) Pedal Assist (PAS) and thumb throttle activated
    • Class 1 – Pedal Assist (PAS) Power output limited to 749W, speed limited to 20 mph – no throttle
    • Class 2 – PAS Power output limited to 749W, speed limited to 20 mph, includes throttle

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