We are a US-based online specialty retailer of road bikes, mountain bikes, parts, accessories and apparel. We offer a personalized experience at the best local stores, but with a dynamic and interactive experience only possible on the web, specifically designed to keep you informed and safe about every product we sell. You will have noticed that our prices are among the most competitive in the industry.

Why shop with us ?

Because as an online independent retailer in the US, we are able to reach manufacturers directly, bypassing the agents, importers, wholesalers and distributors that are normally part of the retailing process.By eliminating these costly middlemen, we can put savings in their place. There are over 1,500 bike shops in America and a handful of major online bike retailers. So why is it worth buying online from our website? Because we offer the best of both worlds. Even if we operate online, we do not forego the personal service of your local bicycle dealer

In fact, we offer several services that you can consider to make your life easier when buying your next new bike. Some of these are: These services are operated by our wonderful customer service team (we like to call them “cogs”). Each of our employees has insight into the technical details, which are amazing. And we know that the most effective way to share that knowledge is as simply as possible. We like to demystify jargon.Call us with a technical question and we’ll talk to you until we’re sure we’ve made it clear. Write to us and you can expect a quick response. While we strive to provide you with a personalized experience typically only found in the best physical stores in the United States, we don’t sacrifice anything in the dynamic and interactive online shopping experience.

From our internal photo and video reviews to driver-written product descriptions, we use the power of the internet to ensure you are informed and confident about every product we sell. We understand that the more knowledgeable and confident you are, the happier you will be with your purchases. When you order a bike from us, you can be sure that our staff will treat your bike as if it were their own. Our team approaches builds with care and precision, following a detailed Pro Build process developed over years of refinement. We combine our years of experience with your specific needs to deliver a bike that shifts smoothly, brakes hard, stays in tune and gives you years of incredible riding.

Our Team

Our Team

We have a team of dedicated experts and consultants ready to make you shopping with us the best .