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yugen rx12 cost 1300$-$2000 depending on the state.

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Yugen rx12 cost reaches the limits, between what is possible for an electric scooter, and that of a motorbike. This is the most rugged model in the Yugen series and it does not disappoint.

Truly, this is not a machine for every rider, but if you are an enthusiast, the Yugen RX12 is what every enthusiast should desire. This machine is insanely fast and should be treated with the respect it deserves, and that is an awful lot. This scooter is not for the faint of heart, nor should be ridden without experience and always with safety in mind.

Equipped with dual 1200w brushless high-speed motors, boasting an optimum range of 90km together with a top speed of an amazing 76 km/h, yes, 76 km/h, the Yugen RX12 is the ultimate thrill-seekers plaything.

Main features of Yugen RX12

yugen rx12  scotter is availble for sale in USA .
Power: 60 Volts
Max load: 150kg
Max speed: 76 km/h
Max claimed mileage: 90 km (dependant on rider weight, terrain, and how’s it’s ridden)
Real world mileage: 45 Km
Charge time: 14 hours
Folded size: 136x35x58cm
Assembled size:
11 Inch Tyres
The high-grade 11-inch tyres provide ample grip.
Motorcycle Style Upside Down Front Forks

The first feature to stand out is the motorcycle-style front forks connecting the wheels to the body, with double the strength when compared to a standard single brace suspension design. These keep the front wheel planted where it’s needed for pure performance added comfort. They’ll easily handle the bumpiest of trails and provide fantastic handling for a controlled, stable ride.
Spring Hydraulic Rear Shock Absorber

Equipped hydraulic spring suspension, the mega-sized rear custom spring hydraulic shock absorber has adjustable stiffness so that you can adjust it to perfectly suit your weight and a variety of off-road uses. This adjustment feature is especially useful when you require a higher suspension for off-road use but a lower suspension for use on flatter, more even surfaces.

Dual 1200w Motors

Both wheels have hub motors that are rider selectable from single to dual drive. These provide a nominal total power output of 2400w of raw power. The maximum power output is powered by 2 x 25A speed controllers, with massive heat sinks to dissipate heat as efficiently as possible, maintaining the optimal performance of the e-scooter at all times.

Speed Settings

Allowing the rider to switch between 3 speeds alongside single/dual motor mode, the rider can extend the range of the scooter by up to 3X in the first speed setting compared to the highest setting. Letting you change speed mode whenever you need, this is on an easily accessible switch located on the handlebars.

Foldable for Storage
Weighing in at just 46kg, the scooter is also foldable for easy storage and transportation.

Yugen RX12 LCD Intelligent Display

The clear and bright LCD display includes a battery indicator, speedometer, gear setting, trip mileage, ODO (lifetime mileage), voltage level and error codes.

Front and Rear Full Hydraulic Disc Brakes
The front and rear hydraulic disc brakes provide great stopping power, tackling the toughest conditions.

Reinforced Rear Mudguard
The RX12 is capped off with a reinforced rear mudguard which provides stability whilst riding. This allows riders who like to take a different stance to travel more comfortably.

Yugen RX12 60v 25AH 2400w Twin Motor Off Road Electric Scooter

Yugen RX12 Electronic Braking System

The RX12 hydraulic brakes also come with an electronic brake system, meaning a slight tap on the brakes will disable the front and rear motor. This is a safety feature, helps to greatly reduce braking distance.
State of the Art Braking Power.

It is absolutely essential to have an equally sized braking solution to match the immense motor power. The Yugen RX12 comes installed with Taiwanese-made ZOOM hydraulic brakes with cooling fins. The task of stopping, 2400w of raw power from the motors requires extra cooling capabilities to ensure your brake pads do not overheat.

Twin Motorcycle-Style Floodlights

The RX12 comes with twin motorcycle-style floodlighting, making the rider very visible in any riding conditions for extra safety.
Rear Lighting System
Coupled with the front twin motorcycle-style floodlights, the rear lighting system on the RX12 shines the way in poor lighting conditions.

Yugen RX12 Lithium Battery

Armed with a 25AH lithium battery the Yugen RX12 is made for the long haul. When gunning for max speed, the Yugen RX12 will perform at approximately a third of the range in the first speed setting. However, in the first speed setting which conserves the most energy, the 25AH 60V battery pack can give you up to 90km per charge in the most optimum conditions.

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Specification: Yugen RX12 60v 25AH 2400w Twin Motor Off Road Electric Scooter

As standard, this model requires partial assembly. Approx. 20 minutes.
Standard 12 Month Manufacturing Defect Warranty. Unless otherwise stated this product is not designed for Motocross, Mini or BMX tracks and such use will invalidate the warranty. Limitations – Misuse and water ingress. Incorrect assembly, maintenance or parts installation including collision damage will invalidate the warranty. Commercial use is prohibited.

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