Specialized Turbo Tero 4.0 Eq

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The new Turbo Tero is an electric mountain bike designed for everyday use. A mountain bike that can be used for commuting. A commuter bike that can also be used for touring. A touring bike that can transport luggage. The Tero is a true all-around hero, combining Specialized MTB DNA with cutting-edge e-bike technology. The Tero’s strength is its combination of power, dependability, and versatility. These advantages add up to a bike that you can ride anywhere and have fun on.

  • The Tero 4.0’s aluminum frame fully integrates the Turbo Full Power 2.0 motor and 710 Wh battery, increasing your power by a factor of four. This allows you to tackle steep slopes, load groceries, and take your kids to school easily. What distinguishes it from other motors, however, is its high efficiency and seamless integration and fusion with your own power.
  • The Mission Control app, in conjunction with the Master Mind TCDw, allows you to customize the bike and software to your specific requirements. To maximize range, all three riding modes can be adjusted in terms of support and peak power. Furthermore, MicroTune Mode allows you to adjust the assistance by 10% increments on the fly.
  • The Tero’s mountain bike DNA conveys control and dependability. The aggressive and well-rolling 29″ wheels with 2.3″ Ground Control tires provide the required grip in any situation. Trails are no problem with the powerful SRAM disc brakes and 110 mm suspension at the front. The hydraulic Seatpost adds another layer of security.
  • Turbo system anti-theft protection – With the Mission Control app, the engine can be locked and the motion sensor activated. This protection can only be deactivated again by the owner.
  • Equipped with our DRYTECH mudguards, LED front and rear lights, and up to 27 kg payload on the HD luggage rack. This luggage rack is compatible with child seats, and a suitable trailer can also be towed.


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